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Industrial Park ensures a sophisticated operational environment for small, large-scale as well as multi-national investors at the Pécel exit of the M0 ring road. | INNOVATION    

The concept of the Industrial Park was formed in a flexible manner, on the basis of considerations to satisfy investors with different space and public utility supply requirements.

The whole area of the Industrial Park is supplied with public utilities. The high level of supply security ensures well-developed infrastructure for the companies operating in the industrial park, and they also offer excellent development facilities for companies planning to settle down in the future. The Industrial Park has a remarkable location due to the recently opened M0 motorway. Exits of the motorway from both directions are located directly in the vicinity of the Industrial Park and the town of Pécel, therefore our clients can have their sites in a location which is a logistic junction point, thus they are easily accessible both to freight and to passenger traffic. Through the opening of the ring way, the park has gained significant logistic role. The Industrial Park is also easily accessible from Budapest through a local bus line. | M0

Industrial Park | M0

The Industrial Park is especially well accessible, because it is located at the Pécel exit of the M0 ring road. Liszt Ferenc airport is 10 minutes away, motorways M5 and M3 are 12 minutes away, whereas the M6 and M7 motorways are located 28 minutes from us.

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h.j.központi.ROKTab.01 Central Building

Industrial Park Central Building

This is a building located at the most beautiful, landscaped part of the Industrial Park, in which there is also a plant unit located, but there are also offices available for rent on the 3rd floor. The building also has a parking lot.

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h.j.V.epulet.ROKTab.01 Building No. 5

Industrial Park Building No. 5

It is located in the most easily accessible, landscaped area of the Industrial Park. We intend to let it expressly for the purpose of industrial activities. areas of 150m2-2,600m2 can be used for plant, production line... purposes.

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h.j.szolg.ROKTab.01 Services

Industrial Park Services

Naturally, our industrial park is ready to provide support to its clients, be it safety, industrial or office conditions.

Our Services

Offices with Floor Space of 95m2 - 275m2

3 offices are available for rent on the 3rd floor of the Industrial Park Central Building.

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Industrial Area of 150m2

Industrial areas even in the size of 150 m2 floor space are for rent in the Industrial Park.

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1,200m2 | one floor

In the Industrial Park, the space on one floor is 1200m2. 2 floors can also be rented.

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Our Clients So Far

We can proudly state that the clients we have so far have been satisfied with our services for several years.

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ATTENTION!    M0 Pécel | Areas for rent: from 50m2-2.300m2 | Offices for rent: from 95m2-1.300m2 | Hotline: (+36-20) 981-8752